The New Normal

We keep hearing this phrase, the new normal. But, what exactly does that mean to those of us in the business world?

Recently, it’s meant: Closing our doors for a while and wondering if we have enough saved to go on.

It’s meant, having to redesign our entire business model to fit the new health mandates, if we wish to continue to make money, right?

It’s meant, lower sales volume, less profits, and maybe even laying off, or letting go of our beloved staff.

So, what are the options, if we want to keep the doors open?

We could, run illegally, and risk being fined or shut down forever. We could, find a way to cut costs to a bare minimum and hope this doesn’t last as long as it looks like it is going to. We could find a side hustle for now, and hope that props us up. We could look for investors, family and friends.

Or, we can do the smart thing, and borrow from a network of lenders that understand where the world is, and will say YES! when other’s might say no in this climate.

I challenge you to fill out our form, what can it hurt? That you might have funding tomorrow?

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